Illustrations for Perspektiv.

Illustrations for the latest issue of Perspektiv. The theme this time was risk management.

Illustrations for Trä & Möbelforum.

I made a couple of illustrations for the latest issue of Trä & Möbelforum, for an article on stress in the workplace.


Friday sketches.

I have been working on something a bit different lately. I am building scenography for a dance performance this fall and this is the first 3D-sketch. Very excited to switch format and materials all together.

Have a great weekend!



- Hello!

I have been working on a big project for a French bank and have made so many paper people in the last couple of weeks that I have lost count. Many, many small feet, hands and haircuts have been carefully cut out and folded while I have watched about a zillion creepy 90's thrillers (to balance out all the cuteness and shy smiles :). This little girl is one of the characters in a city-illustration. I have also built a catering business and a futuristic office. And then there will be a couple of stop motion-movies where you can see how I put together each illustration - I will show everything when it is published. 

But now I am going to leave my desk for a while and take a walk through the spring woods to pick up Cosmo from dog-daycare. Happy weekend! *_^


Work in progress.

Spring is here (!) and I am experimenting with mirrors, glass and silver-paper.

Hope you are having a nice Monday! *_^


Illustrations for Perspektiv.

Illustrations for the latest issue of Perspektiv, the theme this time was environmental management.



Greetings from Paradise

At the end of grey February I like to imagine I'm somewhere (anywhere) else, I'm sure this exact place exists somewhere in the world right? I say, let's go there today, if only in our heads.

Hey, don't forget your sunglasses! (^8


A portrait.

 The latest addition to the paper-gang.


Drip drip drip...

--> The sound
of someone
Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking.



As you may have noticed I have been kind of absent from the blog lately. But now I've finally gotten myself an instagram account, so if you want you can follow me there to see what I'm up to - 



Work in progress

I snapped these photos with iphone just now - details from an illustration I'm working on today.



Illustrations for Perspektiv!

Illustrations for the latest issue of Perspektiv, this time it was about quality management.