I made some illustrations again today for DN for an article about the history of a Swedish concept called "Fredagsmys". Fredagsmys is basically a word for when the family gathers on Friday night, after the work week is over, to watch TV and eat snacks. The article describes how the tradition has changed over the decades, from the times when there was only one TV or radio, with only one particular program for everyone to watch - to present time, when there are hundreds of programs, channels and types of snacks. Nowadays the family might still be gathered but with everyone watching different programs on individual TVs, computers, ipads and smartphones.

On one spread of the paper I made a snack bag containing something for every type of person.
And of course a dip to go with that.
On the other spread I made your everyday family enjoying their fredagsmys while the rain is pouring and the thunder is rattling outside.

Some like scary programs,
some like a real tearjerker,
and some like the romance.
Some like the healthy snack,
and some the refined.
Cosmo eats about everything he can get his hands (paws) on.
A couple of newspapers lying around shows the terrible things that are going on around the world, outside the warm blanket that is fredagsmys.
And the man reflected in the window is Alexander Bard, one of the jurors of Swedish Idol.
Lastly, a behind the scenes shot to show how the reflection was made. A lamp is directed on the image on the TV and the image bounces across the room into the over head- window.

Happy Sunday everyone! (:

6 kommentarer:

  1. So clever and well executed, Malin. Even the close up of the bag on seamless white background alone would make a perfect illustration for the concept you describe. Brilliant.

  2. Vad är det för storlek på fredagsmysrummet och huset? jobbar du oftast med en speciell storlek på dina uppdrag?
    skulle gärna få veta lite om din arbetsprocess: hur det går till att få ett uppdrag e.t.c! hälsningar Betty

  3. Såg denna i dn - riktigt snyggt! Jag fick nu se att du även gjort " det gröna huset ", som jag såg i dn lite tidigare, som jag också blev sjukt impad av :D Du har snygg stil! Hälsningar Sabrina

  4. Fantastiskt. Älskar också så himla mycket att du har gjort (vad jag tolkar som) en lesbisk familj med olika hudfärger. Blir varmt inuti.

  5. ÅH, tack så mycket and thank you so much! <3