Postcards for scenkonstmuseet.

At the beginning of the summer I made these postcards for Scenkonstmuseet. They have a workshop where kids can come and make instruments out of recycled materials and they wanted to update their instructional postcards. A bit difficult to figure out how to fit everything since some of them have a lot of text, but it was such a fun job! And I loved drawing again after doing so much paper illustrations lately.

When I first started drawing (back when I first applied to art school) my plan was to work with children-illustration (maybe childrens books) but since graduating I've mostly done illustrations for magazines and in other grow up-contexts (which is also very fun to do) so it was nice to get to do these, hopefully there will be other jobs like this one in the future!

Now I'm taking a break to go out and climb rocks in the woods with Cosmo. Hopefully we will meet another dog who he can play with, that will make his day and then render him unconscious for a couple of hours, so that I can work. If not, I will work anyway, while he runs around the table holding an empty coca cola-bottle, grunting like a pig. Either way, it will be fun/chaotic. (:

Hope your week has started out great! *_^


..:: C ::..

I got a dog! He's an Italian truffle-dog, and he will be 13 weeks old this Sunday.

He loves sausage, classical music, rock climbing, peanut butter, digging for treasure, meeting small children, sleeping under a lounger in the garden and running through the ivy underneath the apple tree.

His name is Cosmo!

Happy Friday *_^