Illustrations for Perspektiv

I made some illustrations for Swedish Standard Institute's magazine Perspektiv, about management systems. Kind of a challenge, because I had to leave room for typography in certain parts of the images, meaning those spaces had to be without detail and preferably just solid colored. For example in this first one (which is the cover illustration) there will be typography at the top of the illustration, and the bottom, under the desk, over the bookshelf and under the bookshelf. It's a bit different when you draw because then you can just draw "around" the typography, and maybe move around things in the computer if necessary.

Here I had to adjust the sizes of all component to fit perfectly into the template, making the furniture very small to create a perspective that would make enough space on the walls and floor for typo but still fill out the rest of the cover. I have to say that it was kind of hard to figure out and had to be rephotographed like five times, but I'm sure it will get easier (this was the first time). Sorry if this is super boring informtion by the way? I have been moving all weekend and my brain is like scrambled eggs today, haha.

I also built a car factory for the first time! Although, car factories nowadays are basically just filled with robots, so this is more of a children's book version of factory (:


Also built a car for the first time. I'm not sure it should make it through the inspection though, because it does not look good up close. 

That was all for now!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Not at all boring, Malin. So interesting to see how you managed to make the image coherent on its own and also work with the future typography. Very challenging. You succeeded.

  2. Jag blir lika förundrad varje gång jag ser det du gör! Helt fantastiskt, och vilket arbete det måste ligga bakom! Du är grym!

  3. Helt sanslöst vad du kan göra! Hur lång tid tog det? betty

  4. Oh thank you so much you are too kind! Tack snälla ni, vad kul att höra! Det tog kanske 3-4 dagar allt som allt att göra tror jag? Men då jobbade jag rätt långa dagar. Men ofta har man inte så mycket längre tid på sig.

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