I started a new project the other day making portraits of famous queens and kings, starting of with Elizabeth I of England. Not sure I'm gonna continue though? On the one hand I've always been kind of fascinated with old portraits/ paintings, the stories behind them, what the actual people were like and so on. On the other hand they give me the creeps and make me think of tuberculosis, poverty and cousins marrying cousins (and old school-trips to stuffy museums). 

Or maybe I'm just feeling a bit cranky today (;

4 kommentarer:

  1. herregud, så fin! Fortsätt, fortsätt! Gör du det för att det är kul el är det ett uppdrag?

  2. That is great technique and illustration. Looking forward of other portraits you are doing. Best! Sophie

  3. Oh, tank you!! Och tack snälla Betty! Ja det är något jag gör för skojs skull bara (: