there are always to sides

to every jam jar.


Wedding photography checklist.

Don't forget to capture all those small details:

The gorgeous bouquet, before it's been thrown to some lucky bridesmaid.

The delicious cake, before it's been finished to the last crumb. 

The exclusive handbag,

and the white shoes, that she might only wear this once.

The perfect manicure,

before it's been chipped.

And of course the lovely bride, before she leaves for the honeymoon!

Have a great weekend! *_^



A beautiful bouquet of flowers, matching purse and shoes and a piece of delicious cake.

Check in tomorrow to see who they belong to!


A tulip thief?

Someone new showed up today. I don't know much about her yet,
other than that her favorite color 
is probably...
She bought me some tulips!
Or did she snatch them from someone's back yard?
I'd better keep an eye on her.


In the jungle

In the jungle,

the mighty jungle

The lion sleeps tonight

Near the village,

the peaceful village,

The lion sleeps tonight

Hush my darling,

don't fear my darling

The lion sleeps tonight

Wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh.

I finished the jungle!! Don't know why, but this project just took forever to complete. Hope you're out enjoying the summer weather (or staying in and watching Netflix, if that's more your style)!



A work in progress

Just a snapshop of what I'm building at the moment. A jungle!



I started a new project the other day making portraits of famous queens and kings, starting of with Elizabeth I of England. Not sure I'm gonna continue though? On the one hand I've always been kind of fascinated with old portraits/ paintings, the stories behind them, what the actual people were like and so on. On the other hand they give me the creeps and make me think of tuberculosis, poverty and cousins marrying cousins (and old school-trips to stuffy museums). 

Or maybe I'm just feeling a bit cranky today (;