DN - Sunday

I made a couple of illustrations for an article about New age in today's paper!

First a bigger one.

My version of daises (I call these slice of egg-flowers).

A typical life coach, dressed in white linen from head to toe.

Yoga and meditation,

and an apple-tree to get a kind of garden of Eden-feeling. 

My friend Marika (who is way into all this kind of stuff) made her way into the big illustration, cause it seamed like a good spot for her!

A hippie-girl reading a self help-book,

and a fortune-teller who just gave this fortunate guy,

the Lovers-card!

Hope you're having a mindful Sunday! *_^

3 kommentarer:

  1. Fantastiskt fint!

  2. Vilka fina illustrationer! Det är en så härlig stämning i dina bilder!