Cup of tea?

In the last couple of years I have finally become a real tea-drinker. I used to love the idea of tea, but found the actual drinking kind of boring. Too quiet and kind, if you know what I mean? Not as dark and dangerous as coffee (yeah, I'm a wild child :). But I liked the ritual so much. I probably got the idea planted in my mind from watching movies (that is often the case with me). Drinking sweet tea on a porch in the American south (like in Georgia) surrounded by endless cornfields. Or drinking afternoon tea with ladies in stiff, fancy dresses i 19th century London. Or even slowly moving a slice of lemon with a silver spoon from one side to the other of a clear cup of tea, while watching the iceberg approach on the Titanic. Yes, it's a lot to expect from just one cup of tea, especially when you're still sitting at the same old kitchen table while drinking it. Anyhow. I've got the routine down now. 

At the moment I only drink some kind of herbal mint-tea.

And since I sort of stopped drinking coffee at the beginning of this year (and can't do anything in moderation) I now drink about a dozen cups of it a day. I really hope there aren't any longterm side effects in the case of excessive intake, because then I might be in trouble.

Maybe it would be better if the serving sizes were a little bit smaller.

- Cup of tea, anyone?

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