Many of my friends are turning 30 this year, and suddenly it seems that a lot of events you consider pretty recent, actually happened 5-10 years ago. That old cliche, that "time moves faster as you get older", is actually true. Anyway. As we are getting older, so are our friendships :). Last week we celebrated the birthday of one of our favorite gang-members, Diana. We've been friends for ten years this year, but it seems like it was only yesterday that I met her for the first time and she encouraged me to get my tongue pierced, just as she had done the week before that. Diana and I and our friend Pone have lived together in many different constellations over the years and have spent thousands of hours together doing this and that and just nothing, reading books and watching TV for 15 hours straight. They are the kind of friends you can hang out with for an entire afternoon without talking at all. Like family.

I decided to make her a smaller version of the three of us, hanging out on her bookshelf indefinitely. This way we can always be together, even when our "grownup" lives take us to different places. Yes it might sound a bit cheesy, but it seems I get cheesier with every year that passes (and I might as well embracing that!).



and the birthday girl.

Pone is reading about coq au vin in The art of french cooking.

I'm reading a gossip magazine (just like we always used to, when we where roommates back in the day).

And Diana is reading Sense & Sensibility. One of those clothbound new editions (of old classics) from Pinguin (check them out if you haven't, they are gorgeous!).

Best friends.

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  1. Beyond charming! I never considered your paperworks to be dimensional "snapshots" before! Maybe you always have.