Sometimes I forget why I love illustrating with paper. I get frustrated about where to put all the stuff when the illustrations are done, that it gathers dust and that I can't work just anywhere (like at a cafe for example), I need too much space, different tools and camera equipment. But then, when I'm in it, or nearly finished building, I always remember why: 

Because not everything is decided beforehand! After the building is done, there is still the "furnishing", the lighting and the photographing left, and the end result can be something completely different than you expected. For example this illustration could be

about him,

about them,

or maybe, about her.

The light might be dim inside,

and super bright outside.

Everyhting is sort of put together at the last minute - that's what I love so much!

Happy Tuesday paper people!

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  1. Du är så himla duktig! Jag skulle vilja köpa posters på dina paper people!!
    hälsn Betty