Society6 Iphone case review

Since I recently opened one of those Society6 shops I wanted to know how it works with the shipping and the overall quality of the products and packaging. So me and my sister ordered two Iphone cases from my shop, and about two weeks later they arrived!

She got the one called Pretzel,

and I got the one with the meadow illustration (from my Pinecone-book).

And I am so pleased with the quality of both cases! The colors are exactly the same as in the illustrations (a bit brighter here in the photograph than in reality) and the print is crisp and you can se all the small details. The plastic is hard and shiny and doesn't seem to scratch easily. The inside of the case is lined with a layer of silicone to protect the phone if you drop it (which I do much too often :)

The one "flaw" is that the pink color fades a bit to a lighter shade on the sides of the case, but it doesn't bother me really, maybe it's more noticeable on some colors/images than others (maybe darker colors?). My sister hadn't noticed it until I pointed it out. On the meadow-case you can hardly notice the fading, it looks natural since the illustration has a kind of watercolor-texture.

The right side looks like this,
the top,

and the bottom.

The packaging was properly made and gave good protection to the cases, and it took about two weeks for the products to arrive in the mail. We are two very satisfied costumers!

Happy Monday y'all!

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