I made a couple of simple illustrations last night for a potential client, hopefully they'll like it. (:

Happy weekend!



I've started making patterns again. This is a sketch from today. (:


Illustrations for Perspektiv.


Illustrations for the latest issue of Perspektiv, about work environment.


Sketch from today.


I was interviewed by Uppsalatidningen and talked a bit about paper illustration and being nominated for Kolla! (:


Reheated (:

A couple of my old cake-illustrations are featured today on the North American Review-blog for a text and poem about the love of food, by American poet Lilly Deng.

Happy Tuesday! *_^



I made some illustrations again today for DN for an article about the history of a Swedish concept called "Fredagsmys". Fredagsmys is basically a word for when the family gathers on Friday night, after the work week is over, to watch TV and eat snacks. The article describes how the tradition has changed over the decades, from the times when there was only one TV or radio, with only one particular program for everyone to watch - to present time, when there are hundreds of programs, channels and types of snacks. Nowadays the family might still be gathered but with everyone watching different programs on individual TVs, computers, ipads and smartphones.

On one spread of the paper I made a snack bag containing something for every type of person.
And of course a dip to go with that.
On the other spread I made your everyday family enjoying their fredagsmys while the rain is pouring and the thunder is rattling outside.

Some like scary programs,
some like a real tearjerker,
and some like the romance.
Some like the healthy snack,
and some the refined.
Cosmo eats about everything he can get his hands (paws) on.
A couple of newspapers lying around shows the terrible things that are going on around the world, outside the warm blanket that is fredagsmys.
And the man reflected in the window is Alexander Bard, one of the jurors of Swedish Idol.
Lastly, a behind the scenes shot to show how the reflection was made. A lamp is directed on the image on the TV and the image bounces across the room into the over head- window.

Happy Sunday everyone! (:


The green house.

I made some illustrations in DN today, for an article about P.O. Enquist, celebrating his 80th birthday. I built a small version of his childhood home, a green wooden house that has become somewhat famous through his writings. Ten writers wrote a piece each about him and the telephone chords symbolize the connection between each writer and Enquist's body of work, or something like that (: 

A very fun assignment to do and a bit different than what I usually do. Notice those birches? Took about a zillion photos to get them in the right places (they're mirrored in the over head film windows).

That's all for now! *_^


Quill & Quire Magazine!

I made an illustration for Canadian magazine Quill & Quire, about CBC, one of Canada's big sources of information on books.



A detail from a bigger illustration that I've been working on this weekend.


Illustrations for Perspektiv!

Illustrations for the latest issue of Perspektiv, about managements by objectives.

Happy Tuesday!


Postcards for scenkonstmuseet.

At the beginning of the summer I made these postcards for Scenkonstmuseet. They have a workshop where kids can come and make instruments out of recycled materials and they wanted to update their instructional postcards. A bit difficult to figure out how to fit everything since some of them have a lot of text, but it was such a fun job! And I loved drawing again after doing so much paper illustrations lately.

When I first started drawing (back when I first applied to art school) my plan was to work with children-illustration (maybe childrens books) but since graduating I've mostly done illustrations for magazines and in other grow up-contexts (which is also very fun to do) so it was nice to get to do these, hopefully there will be other jobs like this one in the future!

Now I'm taking a break to go out and climb rocks in the woods with Cosmo. Hopefully we will meet another dog who he can play with, that will make his day and then render him unconscious for a couple of hours, so that I can work. If not, I will work anyway, while he runs around the table holding an empty coca cola-bottle, grunting like a pig. Either way, it will be fun/chaotic. (:

Hope your week has started out great! *_^


..:: C ::..

I got a dog! He's an Italian truffle-dog, and he will be 13 weeks old this Sunday.

He loves sausage, classical music, rock climbing, peanut butter, digging for treasure, meeting small children, sleeping under a lounger in the garden and running through the ivy underneath the apple tree.

His name is Cosmo!

Happy Friday *_^