The last of Christmas.

This was the final illustration that I did for the Larry's- exhibition. I guess this weekend is kind of the last of christmas. The food is almost finished, they have stopped showing the (somewhat cheesy) christmas movies on tv and the music is switched back to regular again. Even though I think it's quite nice that things are back to normal, I'm not coming out of my holiday bubble until sometime after new year. (:


X-mas with friends.

This is one of the illustrations I made a couple of weeks ago for the exhibition at Larry's Corner. It's me and my friends celebrating christmas in our old apartment in Tyresö. Unfortunately they don't look like them selves at all, I am not good at drawing real people. The people I draw have super long noses, mini small hands, no chins and arms and legs that can bend like bananas. Well, the most important thing is that we are all together.

Hope you are enjoying the holidays! ^_*


A shop!

I finally got myself a shop at Society6. If I had known how easy it was I would have done it a long time ago. 









Chapter 1
In wich a usually very calm and quiet old man,
with a usually very calm and quiet life,
has an unusually busy day, while dusting of a thing or two 
in the preparations for a long awaited guest.

A comet-count down and a cover for Romeo & Juliet.

Today I went to Nyköping to hang my comet-story for an exhibition in the library of their culture centre Culturum. I think it turned out really good and I'm so happy that I finished it (just) in time and can now start thinking about Christmas. I can't believe it is only one week away (!!!). I'm gonna count down to Christmas by posting a couple of images from the comet-story every day. But first I wanted to show you this cover illustration that I made some weeks ago for an english/swedish edition of Romeo & Juliet, for Sjösala Förlag.

Andrejs (who also passed this job to me:) made the typography and design.


R r r r r r r

A couple of images from the comet-story, which is now almost finished.

Happy Friday!



Today's Friday and it's been snowing non stop since this morning. I'm building a paper-story about an old man waiting for a comet (this story, if you remember?) and am in the middle of making 15 small morning coats for him to wear.

One of the illustrations I made for last week's exhibition at Larry's corner.