A great little thing!

Yesterday I got a big envelope in the mail,
it was the latest issue of a Chinese magazine called little thing magazine,
and it was a special feature on paper magic!
The first spread was this fabulous pop up (though it doesn't really show in this photo because I haven't removed all the small in-between-pieces).
There was a spread about paper dolls,
and one about Rob Ryan's paper cuts.
A spread about making paper flower bouquets,
and one about me(!)
and my people (AKA the paper people).
It is all in Chinese so it is a very secret interview (between me and a possible 1.354 billion people:). I mostly talked about Astrid Lindgren and Nils Karlsson pyssling. I also talked about my DIY:er parents and about two of my favorite toys when I was little, a doll made out of a log of wood and a cobblestone painted like a turtle (yes I was a child in the Middle Ages).

THANK YOU little thing magazine for having me!

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  1. That's not a little thing, that's HUGE! Congrats!