Illustrations for Skolvärlden!

I have made a couple of illustrations for the latest issue of Skolvärlden, about the problem of students cutting class. It lists the most common causes, like for example bullying, tardiness, sick leave and students struggling with learning disabilities. A new method to fight truancy, that has proven to be effective, is schools sending out text messages to the parents every time their child is absent. 


..:: Munday ::..

Still surrounded by some holiday-fog over here (enough for Monday and Sunday to kind of blend together) I'm really looking forward to some hard work and a few near-impossible-deadlines. And I am holding my fingers crossed for a couple of very exciting projects this fall!

Illustrations that I made for Reumatikervärlden at the beginning of the summer.


A leopard gets it's spots!

This is my bike.

My dad bought it for my mom about 40 years ago on second hand so I am guessing it's probably around 50 years old by now. I remember riding on it in an orange bicycle seat behind my mother when I was little, then when I got older it was passed on to me. I have been on many adventures with it during the last 15 years. But lately it has been looking a little ruff around the edges...

In some places the black paint had started to fall off

and other parts had started to rust.

A few dents here and there,

and the old tires, that had seen their better days, had to go,

because we still have a long way to go!

I love the feeling when you open a brand new bucket of paint. It is not very different from when you open a brand new jar of marmelade (that too is a lovely feeling) only you can do so much more with paint than with marmalade! Anyway,

I started painting and painting. I had planned to get it all done in a couple of days, but of course that was a bit too optimistic. 

After about 6-7 coats of paint (and about as many weeks),

the spots came on.

I covered the rust with silver lacquer,

and painted a couple of the parts that used to be silver, black. 

And about the same time as the summer went from rainy grey to sunny yellow - a leopard had gotten it's spots!

Hope you are all out enjoying the rainy and the sunny days! ^.^