American paper people!

The best surprise all week was this lovely email that came to me all the way from America. Suddenly the paper family got a little bit bigger, and the world got a little bit smaller.

LOVE these! ^_^


C'est la vie.

Sadly I am very allergic to cats. I finally realized that, after living with cats for several years and just believing I had a very very long running cold. I can't ever have any. I am, however NOT allergic to these wonderful illustrations by Gemma Correll. How great are they?!
Check out her portfolio! Lots and lots of great stuff there ^.^



Sometime in the near future I would like to have
a big studio

and a small dog.

Or maybe the other way around -  a big dog and a small studio. As long as there is a bit of a contrast it is all good.

Happy Tuesday friends! 


Saturday sketch

Sloppy sketch for a paper-illustration in the making. About the office of the future.