The dilemma of (illustrating) growth

Before I went to Japan I was commissioned by Folkuniversitetets tidning to make four paper-illustrations for an article about the dilemma of growth, and some possible sollutions. In order for me to finish the illustrations before I left for Tokyo I had to start illustrating before the article was even written. Luckily I got to talk to the journalist about the text, and he also sent me this video to use as a starting point.

The first illustration, illustrating the thought of measuring happiness rather than GDP  .

The second illustration - One of the solutions for the future, a place where you can rent all kinds of stuff instead of buying it. Here is just a light test, where I tried out some night light.

And here is how the actual illustration turned out, the daylight-version.

The third illustration was supposed to depict civilization's decay and so I made these two children, playing among the garbage and debris in front of a rundown building. 

Finally I had only one illustration left to make, the main illustration where I was to illustrate the main contradiction, the Pros and Cons of growth basically (not the easiest thing to illustrate!). I kept spinning it around and around in my head, making lists and tried to come up with that one perfect idea. How was I to fit all different aspects in one illustration? I kept ending up in the same idea: polar bears on Wall street and Wall streeters on the North pole (???). Not good. So i wiped my mind clean and simply made a good old fashioned man vs. nature on a balance scale.

I was afraid that the pieces of OHP-sheet would show in the photo,

but magically the edges didn't show at all!

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  1. Brilliant and creative! Looking forwaed to your next project.