Snacks and cherry blossoms.

Remember I told you I was doing some research on snacks? This is fifty mini bags and twenty small pipes of snacks later: 

A snack shelf to illustrate the new way of watching TV, described in the article as a form of snacking, where the viewer can choose what to watch from a wide range of different services.

The illustration was for this weekend edition of Metro, so this morning I picked up the paper and a cup of coffee.

And since I was nearby I also went by Kungsträdgården to look at the cherry blossoms.

And even though the sky was kind of grey today,

it was still very pretty of course,

like a temporary pink roof over everything.

And now I suggest that we finish this week of
with a lifetime supply of snacks.

Happy Wkd! ^.^

3 kommentarer:

  1. must be quite an amazing feeling
    to walk under the beautiful cherry blossoms!