On Sunday last week we left Tokyo and took the train to Kyoto.

I am reading Britt-Marie Mattsson's book about the Kennedys at the moment (very good!).

In Kyoto we stayed at a traditional Japanese ryokan, slept on the floor and had japanese breakfast every morning.

When we arrived the weather was cold and rainy and grey,

but since it was colder in Kyoto than in Tokyo, the cherry trees were still in blossom in the gardens surrounding the old emperor's palace. I cannot tell you how many photos I have taken of cherryblossoms, but it's like a fever that comes over you, every tree that you pass somehow seems even prettier than the one previous. 

There is almost no garbage or litter on the streets here, only thousands of cherryblossom petals everywhere.

The next day the sun was shining again. The weather here is very unpredictable, very cold and raining one minute, and full summer the next. 

We walked through the city along the river to get to a trail called "the philosophers path".

But actually the path, that ran alongside a small canal, was so crowded that it was hard to get any good philosophizing done. Everyone were stoping to take photos of everything. About forty people (including me) stood around this white cherryblossom tree, because it had just one small branch of magenta-colored flowers in the middle of all the white ones (I'm telling you, it's a fever).

But I mostly photographed couples photographing each other. 

The next day we took a bus to the northern part of Kyoto to see this Golden Pavilion.

I bought some roasted chestnuts because I have always wanted to try.

Inside the shell is almost like a potatoe, only a bit sweeter.  

The streets and hills of Kyoto reminded me of San Fransisco, or the way I imagine it to be, I've never been there.

In the afternoon we took another bus to the western parts to look at a great view (this one!)

This is my mother, who I am travelling with. She has studied Japanese for a couple of years now and has impressed many people here with 1. her language skills and 2. her bear-strength when throwing up our 20 kilo suitcases on the luggage shelves in the trains. 

Next we had som green-tea ice cream,

and then we walked through a bamboo-forest and the following day we left for the mountains.

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  1. yes, roasted chestnuts are very yummy
    and they do very good company
    with a glass of red wine!
    great for cold winter days!-
    lovely fotos
    and where the groom and the bride are going? :)