Today when I was eating a carrot I remembered something that I used to do often when I was a kid. I used to make islands. To make an island is not hard at all. Just slice the top of a fruit or vegetable (preferably a carrot, because the carrot comes with a built-in palm tree). Fill a plate with water and put the fruit or vegetable in the middle of the plate.
Voila. An island! Now you can fantasize about what three things you get to bring to the island. You can be sensible of course, and bring necessary survival-stuff (fire, knife and a raft) but today at the top of my head, I think I'll bring my lapsang souchong tea (very addicted to that), some salty licorice (have to have that every day) and the Kennedy biography that's on the top of my reading-pile.If anyone asks, I'm in the hammock at the back of the house reading my book, ok?

4 kommentarer:

  1. So interesting that you would do that as a child. Very imaginative even then.

    I hope you are enjoying that book in a nice breeze!

  2. Oh this is so much fun! Great idea!

  3. Oh thank you Kim! I'm probably not the first kid to think of this, but it is the cheapest and fastes way to travel.(: