One photo every hour

Since I'm so passionate about making GIFs these days I made one of the photos I took while I was building the DN-illustration. Had to photograph every change to test sizes and perspective and all that.PS. The Sweet Valley Twins-book is not a book that I am reading, but it had a good size and weight to press down the telephone cord. But as you can see it is well-read and it used to scare me and my sister silly when we were kids. It is one of the rare scary twin book, where you learn that Elizabeth and Jessica have an identical set of evil twins (what are the odds?!) that are secretly plotting to murder them in order to steal their identities and take over their lives. I still get a little bit creeped out just by looking at that cover, haha.Hope you are having a lovely monday! (*v*) 

4 kommentarer:

  1. I am loving your gifs a lot! So great, makes it all come to life.
    I think gifs are one of my favourite things to make...
    from Claire.

  2. Thank you! Me too! I just want to make GIFs out of everything now (:

  3. Älskar att få se!

    Haha, hade också tvillingdeckarna. Minns en med en förhäxad penna och någon med ett ont tivoli, tyckte verkligen de var skitläskiga!