Today I have made a couple of illustrations for the third article about public health care, for DN. Now I'm starting with the last illustration for this series. I have had so much fun doing this, and had so much to do these last two weeks, cutting and folding and glueing. It is always during the times when you have the most to do, and the least time, that you get the most ideas for new projects. Do you know what I mean? The times when you have all the time in the world to be creative, then the mind is like a deserted beach (at least mine is sometimes). Right now my brain is like a crowded train station of ideas, and I like that! Next week I think I will start building a paper-story that I have been thinking about.

Tea-quote of the day (I agree). *_^


Another Malin

Her collages. If I think of five people I know, who have completely different tastes, I can't imagine how they would not all still like these. Can you see what I mean? If you haven't already, check out her jewelry box of a website.


More illustrations for DN

Yesterday I had made these illustrations for DN for the second article in the series (about health care). Today I made so many tiny things in a row that at the end of the day I looked at my fingers while I was working and got the sense that they belonged to a giant, haha. I made (amongst other tiny things) five pairs of tiny slippers, five tiny clip-boards with pens, five pair of tiny pants and five small white coats. You would think that that was a couple of lines from Goldilocks and the Three Bears,  but actually I'd just call it, another day at the office.And tomorrow's Friday! ^_^


One photo every hour

Since I'm so passionate about making GIFs these days I made one of the photos I took while I was building the DN-illustration. Had to photograph every change to test sizes and perspective and all that.PS. The Sweet Valley Twins-book is not a book that I am reading, but it had a good size and weight to press down the telephone cord. But as you can see it is well-read and it used to scare me and my sister silly when we were kids. It is one of the rare scary twin book, where you learn that Elizabeth and Jessica have an identical set of evil twins (what are the odds?!) that are secretly plotting to murder them in order to steal their identities and take over their lives. I still get a little bit creeped out just by looking at that cover, haha.Hope you are having a lovely monday! (*v*) 


Morning paper!

Today I have made some illustrations for an article written by Maciej Zaremba in Dagens Nyheter. The article is the first in a series of four about the consequences and what happens when the public healthcare becomes a matter of business and price tags are attached to everything.

My first illustration job where I've gotten to make paper people! And three more weeks to go ((:Happy Sunday!


Never ending phone call

I have been thinking about this for a while (animating the faces) and so I made a first little test. Not perfect, but I'm going to do many more.

(For the love of GIFs!)



I have been in a paper-bubble for the last couple of days building illustrations. I can't show them just yet, but here are some things that i found in the mountains of paper shreds. I always get a lot of leftovers because I'm kind of bad at estimating the size of things and sometimes have to make two or three different versions of something before i get it right (very effective haha). And on top of that I usually end up making some other unnecessary stuff (fluff) just to keep from getting to the hard part. But most of all I think it is because I like the doing-part so much, maybe even more then the finishing.

Chairs. One was too small, the other too big.
Face with the wrong expression.
Stethoscopes size small, medium and large. Can you ever have too many?
Weird baby-size men that I can't really remember making now.
And a last minute bag of flowers that was actually just perfect. 

I'll show you later, what became of it all!



Here are a couple of illustrations that I made for a Norwegian magazine, for an article about prejudices about eco-friendly industrial production. The assignment was to make icons/symbols to illustrate five headlines, Expensive, Time consuming, Hippie, Polluted air and Difficult.

This week I'm doing illustrations built in paper, so in a while I am going in to town to the paper store. Love buying new material, completely guilt-free shopping and also it gives you the (false) feeling that you are well on your way, the job is almost halfway done.I hope you're having a nice Monday!


Small stuff

Right now I'm waiting for an email with some articles I'm illustrating next week.

In the meantime I'm building an aquarium out of a matchbox. 
And tomorrow's Friday!



The days

when you look out the window and this is what you see:

(typical  january non-weather)
You would rather just go back to bed and wake up in April (like under a palm-tree).

 But instead you drink your tea.
You read your perky tea-quote.

You eat your bread (that you baked!)

You read a graphic novel.
(Read this one, you will love it!)
And you make something.

(Happy) Monday!