Appetizers: part 3

Maybe you have seen this little snack before. You could say that I have prepared it in advance (like a proper TV-chef).

And how is the real life cooking going you may wonder? Well, there have been some highs and some lows. I made a salmon soup with saffron one night that was really good! Then I decided to bake bread (never doing that again). The dough was supposed to turn in to 24 perfect little rolls, but insted the dough (which was more like a sauce) turned in to one roll. Like a flat tray-sized hot dog bun. The lesson here is that apparently I am not ready to bake bread with yeast and that a bread containing 250 grams of delicious cheese does not guarantee a deliciously tasting bread (it tasted really funky). Tonight I'm gonna make chocolate fondants and supposedly that is so easy that a child could make it so I think my chances are pretty good.Happy Sunday!

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