Appetizers: part 1

I am a really bad cook. Or maybe not bad, but I have just never really learned. I have a theory that all my creativity has gone in to drawing and other esthetic areas, and therefor there has been none left when it comes to experimenting on which spices go together (my taste buds are blind really). Anyhow. Part of my unofficial new years-resolution is to get better at all that stuff, maybe even free style a bit, and not always cling so desperatly to a recipe. And how better to get comfortable with this than to begin by illustrating? So I have a new project, the appetizer-project, I'm making a bunch of them. And who nows, maybe it will eventually inspire me to actually get my hands dirty. Let's start of with an easy one:

The old grape and cheese on a toothpick.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Axel!!! Sen när jag kommer till Uppsala ska jag öva mig en massa på Pone och dig!