Appetizers: part 3

Maybe you have seen this little snack before. You could say that I have prepared it in advance (like a proper TV-chef).

And how is the real life cooking going you may wonder? Well, there have been some highs and some lows. I made a salmon soup with saffron one night that was really good! Then I decided to bake bread (never doing that again). The dough was supposed to turn in to 24 perfect little rolls, but insted the dough (which was more like a sauce) turned in to one roll. Like a flat tray-sized hot dog bun. The lesson here is that apparently I am not ready to bake bread with yeast and that a bread containing 250 grams of delicious cheese does not guarantee a deliciously tasting bread (it tasted really funky). Tonight I'm gonna make chocolate fondants and supposedly that is so easy that a child could make it so I think my chances are pretty good.Happy Sunday!


Sloppy sketching

One thing that I have had to learn during this last year (since I started working as an illustrator) is how to sketch. While I was in school I had never done that, because I didn't want to know before hand how the illustration would turn out and spoil the "surprise". Also I guess I didn't want to show stuff until it was completely finished, before I had corrected all my mistakes. For example it took me a really long time (a few years) to learn how to draw hands (I mean the most basic thing, on which side of the hand to put the thumb). But of course in the real world the customer wants to now roughly what an illustration is gonna look like in the end. Happily I am now almost cured of my old fear of sketching, after have had shown quite a lot of bad ones of egg-headed people with three fingers on one of their two left hands. And you know what? Some days the sketching is my favorite part, 

some days it feels like this.


A sketch from today.

Happy weekend! o_O


Hello from Antarctica!

Today the air was so cold that it was almost burning


Appetizers: part 2

A cucumber and radish-delight to finish of the week!


Appetizers: part 1

I am a really bad cook. Or maybe not bad, but I have just never really learned. I have a theory that all my creativity has gone in to drawing and other esthetic areas, and therefor there has been none left when it comes to experimenting on which spices go together (my taste buds are blind really). Anyhow. Part of my unofficial new years-resolution is to get better at all that stuff, maybe even free style a bit, and not always cling so desperatly to a recipe. And how better to get comfortable with this than to begin by illustrating? So I have a new project, the appetizer-project, I'm making a bunch of them. And who nows, maybe it will eventually inspire me to actually get my hands dirty. Let's start of with an easy one:

The old grape and cheese on a toothpick.


An illustrated year

I bought this lovely wall calendar from Pikaland. For every month a different artist has illustrated what their workspace looks like. 

This is my workspace at the moment. When I first got this desk it felt so huge, but they fill up so fast.

I hope you're having a nice Monday!


Candlelit dinner at the Foxes

I got this print (by Chuck Groenink) from my sister for Christmas. I haven't been this exited about an illustration for a really long time. You know when you get the This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen!-feeling? There is just something about this particular image.

Happy Friday ^_*