The disco version!

Christmas cookies

Last year I made cookies of a couple of my favorite motifs. I made some again this Christmas and I think it will be a tradition from now on!

My baking-skills have not improved much (:
I hope you all had a really nice holiday!


Inefficiency and inspiration

What I should be doing right now.

Instead, I'm traveling around the internet  looking for telescope-necklaces (I would very much like this one). Illustration by the wildly talented Chuck Groenink.


Some X-mas card sketches that didn't make it

Tomorrow I'm buying the last christmas presents, making some fudge and also I am drawing a warrior tribe for Glimpt. Not sure how that will turn out, but I will show you later!


Christmas cards!

I made these cards for NU Agency.

And today it is only 10 days until Christmas!!!


Neon lights and a snowy walk.

So much snow here now! And a new poster for heaven up here.