Building a sauna (again).

You may recognize this illustration, because it is almost a copy of one I built before. The first one I built with a moving box, and I threw it away because it was so big, and I didn't have anywhere to put it. But I have been kicking myself for not photographing i properly before I got rid of it. Anyway, I am making a card for my grandmother, and thought this would be a good opportunity to build the sauna again. I think she will be happy to recognize her grandchildren when they were small, in the red bathtub, in the sauna in the cellar of her old house. I am almost finished, just have to hang up them laundry! I will show how the cards turned out when I get the back from the printers.
Happy Wednesday!


Illustration for Chefstidningen

Illustration for an issue about the staffing industry, for Chefsidningen. 


Ett (dyrbart) boktips!

Jag har haft den stora glädjen att göra omslagsillustration till den här boken (för barn i åldern 9-12 år) som jag skulle vilja tipsa om! Det är en jättefin berättelse som är full av stora känslor, humor, symbolik och mysterium och som kommer att skapa många nya bilder i huvudet på den som läser. Den är skriven av Terri-Lynne Waldvik och ges ut av Alvina förlag.

I have made the cover illustration for this wonderful children's book, about a girl named Sunn.Happy Friday everyone!


... and a bonus-dog!

On the topic of animals, Linnea sent me this photo of Morris reading the article. (*:

Here are the two illustrations...

A newspaper and a cat's tale

Yesterday I woke up early and went out to the hallway to pick up the morning paper. I had made two illustrations about equality and feminism in the culture section!

The cover (obviously you can't photograph something on our kitchen floor and expect it to be completely cat-free)
and a spread.Smilla did not see what all the fuss was about.But as you can see, she is quite a lovely little person!Nosey,and almost impossible to photograph.