The reading man

I made an illustration for the cover of Metro's weekend edition, about the love for books.

Happy weekend!


At the office!

The first sketches for a special issue of a magazine about the staffing industry.


Wether it is a small snack, or a big snack.

Wether it grew from a paper,
or grew on a tree,
any snack is too small a consolation in this very sad situation. He did not get a medal.


- Take a holiday, darling. South of France.

I have a new person to introduce to you. She is a lady with a great appreciation for anything pink or leopard-printed.

And she is very in to luxurious perfumes,

and extravagant hairdos.
She is quite pleased with her own reflection,

her face is after all very close to perfection.I named her after someone truly fabulous. Only she is missing an important ingredient I think. Check in later to see what it is!


The exhibition!

This Tuesday it was finally time to hang the exhibition at the hospital. Seven big portraits of twelve small people. Let's have a look.

(Actually this is just a mini-replica of the real thing).I made it with these small cards that came with the (big) posters from the printers. Still, there was quite a crowd at the opening.
Even though everyone wasn't 100 procent focused on the art.

(PS. There will be photos of the real sized deal later.)


A fancy sandwich

I also made this appetizer for the cover (for Kontent magasin). 

Potato print paraphrases

Yesterday I finished with the portrait photos of all the paper people (the new header is a group photo from last night's photo shoot), and right at this moment they are at the printer's and tomorrow we are hanging them up at the hospital for the exhibition! And the posters will be really big, between 50x70 cm and 70x100 cm! I am very curious to see how those mini details will look in such a big format. Meanwhile here are some potato print paraphrases that I made for Kontent magasin


A couple of things

belonging to the two newest additions to the paper gang:

- a beauty queen and a marathon runner.