You say potato, I say potato print.

When I was asked to illustrate a magazine article about art made of or inspired by food I decided it was time to revisit a technique that I hadn't practiced in..oh... 20 years! 

(the perfect material for an artist with limited means.) 
To make this at home you're gonna need a good knife (the quality of the first cut is crucial! You'll need a surface as silk-like as possible for the best possible print). You will also need a smaller knife for those capillaceous details. Some potatoes of course, the size depending on what format we're working in. Baked potatos for posters, new potatos for postcards, and regular potatos for everything in between. Finally some acrylic colors of your choice. 

With potatoes I then made interpretations of a couple of the most famous paintings in history.

Do you recognize this one?
I have to say, my skill-level is not very superior to that of kindergardeners all over the world. But it was fun! I'll show the actual prints a bit later, they came out better than I would have thought. But in the end, a potato has it's limitations and is perhaps best suited for a soup, as a mash or finely sliced, deeply fried and heavily salted.Happy Thursday!

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