The sun is shining

and all the tiny animals are out again for the summer,

and some tiny people as well.

Doing some writing,

while staying cool with a small fan,

or in the shadow of some leafy tree.

(Geisha writing her memoirs)


On my bookshelf...

someone is sleeping,

someone is eating,

someone is sneaking,

someone is dreaming.

These two ladies are not only


but TWINS!



Yesterday it was finally time for the release of the stamps that I made almost a year ago. So very cool!

Happy Friday!



 My new workspace is all white, the walls and all the furniture, it's kind of like sitting on a really big sheet of paper. The only colors are in tubes and jars. Maybe one day I will go really big and draw a huge pipe-smoking lady who has one foot by the window, and one behind the door, and with a beehive so high that it spills out into the hallway, and with her pipe conveniently placed under the kitchen fan. But as for right now, I'm doing something much much smaller!

PS. Nu på torsdag den 10/5 är det dags för frimärks-release! Jag kommer att signera sommarblommiga frimärken på Postmuseum på Lilla Nygatan 6 i Gamla Stan mellan kl 12.00-13.30. Om du är i närheten, VÄLKOMMEN dit för att säga hej och köpa lite frimärken till alla dina kärleksbrev!