Concert in a matchbox

When I was little I dreamt of becoming a rockstar, even though I had little talent playing any kind of instrument. I didn't make it passed my first year of piano lessons, I couldn't learn how to move both hands at the same time, and my pinkie-fingers were too weak to press down the keys. I played the violin but was too nervous to perform and had to fake-play an entire concert, disguised by others who could better keep their cool. So I had to settle for just listening to music, and have been listening without stop since I bought my first cd at 11 (No Doubt's Tragic kingdom) and started drawing instead, which works out better for us one-handed, weakpinkied and stage-frightened. Anyways, turns out that the matchbox-people looove music too, and were dancing and clapping and shouting "One more time! One more time!" until  early in the morning, it was  impossible to get any sleep. Oh, today i got a new work-desk, the architect-kind that you can tilt, I have wanted one forever (kind of like a Steinway)!

Poster  for indie-club Heaven up here!


Italian Superheroes

About a year ago I went to Vietnam to meet up with my friend Tor, from Swedish design-duo Glimpt, to help out with the patterns for a collection of furniture that the two of them were working on. The result were these, called Superheroes, which have now been picked up by Italian design firm Cappellini. So very happy for Glimpt!!


Tanten, vem är hon?

After a month of much drawing, and moving to a new place, I am back on the blog! I spent a couple of weeks drawing ladies to populate the 10 chapters of this great book (my camera is still in a box somewhere, so there will be more and better photos later on). The title is loosely translated "The little old lady, who is she?", and is an interdisciplinary anthology in which different authors approach the concept of the middle-aged older woman, how she is portrayed in media and literature, the roles she plays and what she represents, about aging, invisibility, power and one chapter about "aunting", which made me think about the aunts, the old ladies and grandmothers of my childhood. So, my Finnish grandmother made her way in to the book, or two of her many typical things, her heart-patterned apron and blueberry-pie. Ten illustrations, and then one for the cover. Dream-job! And now, on to bigger and of course smaller things, and SPORTS.

First of all I'm building a rock-concert in a match-box, so stay tuned!

Happy wednesday!