This little bowl has been sitting on my desk for a while, a sort of lost and found, things waiting for their time.

Olympians that were too small to make the cut (maybe next year)
Swimmer that needs to slim down (made of too thick paper), orange yet to be eaten, lovely kamelia-broch for a special occasion, a left leg that was too small to match the right one and a ladder that one can use to climb all the way up to tiny treehouse.
Last but not least: determined soccer player, currently without team.

2 kommentarer:

  1. love the football player:-)
    hope you get done with the project you are on would love some news on the olympiad:-(

    have nice day:-)

  2. とても面白くて、楽しいボログです。きれいな絵とファニー話もですから、いつも待っています。マリンさん、がんばってください。