Inspiration - Kim Welling's pocket box

Kim Welling who, among other things, makes these wonderful pocket boxes, has posted an interview with me on her blog. You can read it here!


Hearts and stars and arrows

Making some snow today, the dry kind that you can fold and put in a drawer and that won't melt. The real snow out-side is almost gone. Dusty spring-shoes instead of wet winter-shoes and goodbye wintercoat!


A million flowers

Hello Monday! Right now I'm drawing drawing drawing, getting to know the ladies, deciding their clothes and hairstyles. This black blob is actually the shadow of two ladies dancing tango. Earlier today I was so exited to visit the Sweden Post out in Kista, where they are right in the middle of printing the stamps for this summer. I've made a couple of them, this white saxifrage (what an insane word!) is one of five motifs that I've made. So cool to see the printing process, color by color in these huge machines, I felt like a child visiting Santa Claus on the North Pole! 



This little bowl has been sitting on my desk for a while, a sort of lost and found, things waiting for their time.

Olympians that were too small to make the cut (maybe next year)
Swimmer that needs to slim down (made of too thick paper), orange yet to be eaten, lovely kamelia-broch for a special occasion, a left leg that was too small to match the right one and a ladder that one can use to climb all the way up to tiny treehouse.
Last but not least: determined soccer player, currently without team.



I'm in the middle of a marathon, of the drawing variaty. The olympians are waiting impatiently in their corner of the desk, hydrating, stretching, doing sit-ups and talking tactics with the coaches. They will have to wait a little bit longer, because I am only midway. You might recognize this little lady, she is one of many in the project, which I will show more of later on.

Happy sunday!