Today I had one of these Japanese rice cakes. Looks like a pink snowball and very soft and sticky. They are so cute, you just want to pat them on the cheek, put them on a little pillow and feed them cake. 

Tastes a bit like a Swedish princess-cake, but made of rice and beans, so not really. A little slimy, like the cake equivalent to sushi. You can buy them at the Japanese store Sun Ai Ocs on Tegnérgatan in Stockholm!


Headless audience

Filling out all the seats in a stadium is starting to feel kind of like drawing a mustache on every ant in an ant-hill. Luckily this kind of never-ending stuff is just my cup of tea.


Sugar mountain

Temporary ski slope, until there is enough snow in Paper-land.



I was very curious about how it would work to light up the swimming pool from underneath to get a good water-feeling. Only now did I realize that the swimmers don't look very stressed do they, no one cares about winning this race.. haha! Still lots to do here, building a diving tower and those starting-blocks and making tiny, tiny towels (yes I know I'm sounding a bit crazy).


Warming up

While I'm building the stadium these guys are already warming up for the first heat, all dreaming of the gold medal.


The olympic games - part 1

The last couple of days I've been trying to figure out a project involving matchboxes (I got hooked after building and photographing the treehouse). And then it hit me, I will do the olympic games (winter and summer) and build stadiums in matchboxes. So I started out with figure skating, a favorite part of the games. This is the smallest sized box, the kind you get for free, but I'll use different sizes for different sports. And the summer-stadium I will build in the biggest size (like 7x12 cm) to fit the whole running-track. So I'm learning very much about sports, and matches at the moment. To be continued!


Holly Golightly wiggling her toes

I got a couple of pink/gold paper gift bags which made me think of Breakfast at Tiffany's and how I always used to think that Tiffany's was some sort of a diner, before I knew about the movie and had only listened to the old Deep Blue Something-song. Anyways.. so I made something more luxurious than usual. I guess the most suitable song would rather be this one.