A new kind of tiny

I usually surround myself with a bunch of post-its, to remember ideas and important stuff,
to make a sea in a suitcase, and a digital portfolio,
but today I chose this one!
I needed very little material for this, only a small matchbox, some crumbs of colored paper,
and a couple of drops of paint.

Tiny tree-living.


- Computer says no.

I'm constructing my homepage and feeling like Leonardo Dicaprio in Inception (but slightly less capable), pages within pages within pages. But wile the computer is thinking I have started the tiniest paper-project ever! Photos are coming.


Tiny things

I've always loved miniatures and tiny things,
tiny scissors,
and people.

Trevlig helg!



(Photo from last summer-holiday)

Right now I am sorting through all of my photographs and folders on the computer, once again realizing that I'm a terrible archivist (and a terrible packer). I can never throw away a file and I can never eliminate an item while packing for a holiday. Always having to many files/ to much baggage. Naming my folders "maybe1", "maybe2", "maybe3" and bringing 12 t-shirts on a one-week trip.


Fint !

I love this book cover! Bought this book a couple months ago, almost without reading the back, read the first couple of lines about the tragic result of the doughnut-eating race and decided I would probably like the story too. It's in my pile of books to read. The cover is made by a New York-based illustrator, Leanne Shapton.


Hundraåringen som klev ut ur en tavla

Har precis börjat läsa Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann,
och kom på att jag kunde göra en liten slags parafras.

Arga-gubben har klättrat ner från trädet och upp i bokhyllan.
(En extra högtidlig porträtt-fotografering.)

I have just started reading a swedish bestseller called "The hundred-year-old who stepped out of a window and disappeared" and was inspired to let this grumpy old man out of his frame.